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Poslednje četiri ekipe su označene crvenim jer nisu uvrštene u satnicu!!!

Timovi 29, 30 i 31 imaju po dva člana koji su potvrdili dolazak, ako se ne jave treći članovi moraćemo ih spojiti u dva tima. Što se tiče tima 32, niko se nije javio da potvrdi prisustvo.

 WOD 1 – “Clean Start In 2019”

With a running clock, the team will have 7 minutes (from 0:00 till 7:00) to find:
3 RM Hang Clean

At the call of 3-2-1 Go, all three athletes are up on the stage. Each member of the team needs to find their 3 RM Hang Clean in the 7-minute time cap. The athlete’s best lift will count towards the team total. If the athlete is a female, her best lift will be multiplied by 2 as the final score. Athletes can complete a hang power or hang squat (or a variation). Hips-knees to shoulders.

Team takes as many attempts as they would like, and can move up and down in weight. Teammates are allowed to help change weights for teammates, and clips must be on every single attempt! Weights will be evenly distributed to each station so that teams don’t need to run to and from the weight racks.

Sum of the best lifts of all three athletes is your team score for WOD 1.

 WOD 2 - “Out With The Old, In With The New”

On 7:00 the team will have 10 minutes (till 17:00) to complete:
4 Rounds For Time:
5-10-15 Calorie Bike
200 Meter Medicine Ball Run 9 kg

Team decides who is “Athlete 1”, “Athlete 2” and “Athlete 3” before the start of the workout. Each round starts with Athlete 1 completing 5 calories. Followed by Athlete 2 completing 10 calories. Followed by Athlete 3 completing 15 calories. The bike monitor needs to be reset after every athlete!

Upon all three athletes completing their bike, the team runs 200 meters together with a single Medicine Ball. The run will be divided into 8x25 meters.

Athlete 1 cannot begin the following round of 5 calorie bike until all three team members are back inside the gym.

This workout is for time or AMRAP till time cap! Every unfinished repetition (cal on the bike and 25 m on the run) will be added as seconds to the time cap.

WOD 3 - “Count(down) to 2019”

On the 17:00 the team will have 15 minutes (till 32:00) to complete an AMRAP of:
75 Knees to Chest

75 Partner Wall Ball
75 Lateral Barbell Burpee
75 Barbell Repetitions

At the call of 3-2-1 Go, the 15:00 clock starts. Teammates rotate in the same order each time, and must rotate after completing min 5 and max 15 repetitions. The team has determined in WOD 2 who is Athlete 1, 2, and 3 for the order of rotation.

The athletes take off with knees to chest. Nothing too “science-y” here, from a dead hang on the bar pull your knees high into your chest and back down to full extension.

The wall balls are carried out with a 4 kg medicine ball to a 275 cm target. The movement begins with two teammates standing in front of a wall and next to each other. One of them performs a wall ball (front squat with medicine ball and throwing it to the target) and throwing it towards the other teammate, who catches it and immediately performs a wall ball. This goes on back and forth until all 75 repetitions have been completed. Each completed wall ball is counted as a rep. The athletes may switch as they like, but the medicine ball cannot stop moving or touch the ground before all 75 repetitions have been completed. A 5 synchro burpee penalty (all three athletes lie down and stand up at the same time) must be completed, if the medicine ball stops or touches the ground during the 75 repetitions, before continuing with the wall balls.

Lateral burpees are completed with standing on one side of the barbell, completing a burpee and a two-foot take off and two-foot landing on the other side of the barbell. The rep counts only when the jump over the barbell is completed. The order of rotation of athletes is predefined in WOD 2.

For the barbell repetitions:
Athlete 1 completes (min 5 max 15) Deadlift 30/30 kg
Athlete 2 completes (min 5 max 15) Hang Power Clean 30/15 kg
Athlete 3 completes (min 5 max 15) Hang Power Snatch 30/15 kg

Teams continue to repeat that order until the 15:00 time cap is reached, with full rounds of the four movements plus any partial repetitions completed being your score!

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